Seagrass sequesters up to 45 times more than Amazonian rainforest

Seagrasses are flowering plants (not seaweed!) that grow in shallow coastal waters and are up to 35 times more effective in carbon uptake than Amazonian rainforests, and now they are being considered as a valuable way to reduce our carbon emissions. 

The Seagrass Grow campaign promotes its carbon offset program, a program which allows people to purchase carbon offset credits that funds seagrass planting. Seagrass habitats are up to 45 times more effective than the most pristine Amazonian rainforest in their carbon uptake abilities and provide protection and shelter to ocean habitat. For every $1 invested in coastal restoration projects, $15 in net economic benefits is created.

By utilizing this unique carbon offset program, The Ocean Foundation is able to combat ocean acidification, a result of carbon produced climate change, as well as help restore ocean habitat, and support the local communities that depend on ocean health.

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