Survey finds positivity about the future of the Carbon Markets: IETA

The annual survey of International Emissions Tradition Association (IETA) members published on 25th May 2016 at Carbon Expo, finds 82% of members expect the existing carbon markets to expand as a result of the Paris Agreement. 

  1. 82% of survey respondents believe that existing carbon markets will expand in scale as a result of the Paris Agreement. This figure is up from 58% in 2015, showing that feelings are more positive post-Paris.

  2. National and sub-national emissions trading systems (ETSs) are expected to be the most signi cant drivers of carbon market expansion. The UNFCCC is seen as the guiding light for these national systems.

  3. The global carbon price needed to achieve the objectives
    of the Paris Agreement has risen dramatically from €30 to €40. This is signi cantly higher than the current price expectations for the major markets. 

Read the full IETA report here: GHG Market Sentiment Survey 2016