“Debunking two so-called “facts” about Wood Pellets “ By William Strauss

Future Metrics White Paper “Debunking two so-called “facts” about Wood Pellets “ By William Strauss counters arguments criticizing the use of wood pellets.

The White Paper has been published in response to Climate Central’s report by entitled “Pulp Fiction” which is critical of using wood pellets as fuel. Key to the argument put forward, is the statement that wood chips release more CO2 than coal.

This is a hotly debated topic, as often arguments against pellets fail to take into account that sustainably managed forests are continuously replenished to supply the raw materials for the continuous demand for paper products – from books, toilet paper, cardboard boxes for online deliveries, to lumber for the construction industry – not just for wood pellets. The emissions generated from the production of coal (energy usage, waste water treatment etc) are also rarely accounted for which can distort data.

William Strauss, President of Future Metrics, concludes “ The combustion of wood pellets releases less CO2 than that the combustion of coal; and as long as there are sustainability criteria that make sure that the aggregate stock of carbon in the working forests is never lowered, there is no carbon debt.”

The White Paper is available to download here http://futuremetrics.info