\\ Carbon - International
Internationally transferable carbon credits under the Kyoto Protocol mechanisms were actively traded until 2012, and Tradition (under its previous name TFS Green) built an active and successful international business.

Now with the “Paris Agreement” reached at COP21 in Paris (December 2015), an enduring, legally binding treaty on climate action including emission reduction commitments starting in 2020 is now in place, under which market mechanisms may once again be a possible tool to reaching emissions targets.

Language included in the Paris Agreement allows for a new market mechanism under which Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcomes (ITMOs) may be traded by both developed and developing countries, combining elements of the Clean Development Mechanism and the Joint Implementation mechanism used under the Kyoto Protocol. The ITMO scheme will replace previous schemes from 2020, but could be traded as soon as the rules are drafted and confirmed.  

The Paris Agreement marks a turning point in building a low carbon economy, and Tradition Green will be following progress carefully.

Please check our News page for updates and reports on progress under the Paris Agreement.

Contact us on +44 20 7198 1562 or emissions@traditiongreen.com if you’d like to know more about the progress to new market mechanisms.