Biomass: Wood Pellets
Interest in wood pellets has grown considerably in recent years. Used for generating heat in the home, and for power generation at an industrial scale, pellets are becoming an important element of the fuel mix.

Wood pellets are made from compressed sawdust, waste wood and the bo-products from the processing of timber, the manufacture of wood products and furniture, and the construction industry.  They can also be made from treetops, branches and trees that are unsuitable for timber use. With low production costs, and low energy requirements for manufacturing compared to alternative fossil fuels, wood pellets can be an environmentally friendly, CO2-neutral energy solution.

Good quality pellets are very dense, and can be produced with a low moisture content, making them very efficient to burn for heat or power generation.

To ensure pellets are produced to a high standard and can be traded with confidence, the ENplus quality seal provides independent assurance to the whole wood pellet supply chain – from production to delivery to the final customer. Pellets can be certified either to A1 standard – for residential use – or A2 standard, for industrial power generation. Over 6 million tonnes of ENplus grade pellets were produced in 35 countries in 2014. 

Tradition Green works with its clients in Europe, the US and Japan to provide clear, transparent access to buyers and sellers of both A1 and A2 wood pellets for industrial and residential use.

We offer two services: 

“Over-The-Counter” short and long term contracts for Enplus A1 and A2 wood pellets, negotiated between selected counterparties

“Euronext Exchange” short, medium and long term trades for Enplus A1 and A2 wood pellets, negotiated between pre-selected credit approved counterparties and given up to the exchange to limit credit risk

Contact us on 020 7550 1750 or for market pricing and further information on how to trade.